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Hi There, 

I am Zohid-a certified digital marketing specialist with over 7 years of work experience in the Korean market. I am bilingual in Korean and fluent in English.  My expertise is related to Naver Ads, Kakao Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads as well as Naver Blog marketing and Press Release. Also, I have extensive experience in the web analytics field.  I have worked for one of the largest Korean airline companies and a multinational advertising agency as a digital marketing specialist. I have a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Branding from one of the TOP 10 Korean universities. Currently, as an independent digital marketing specialist, I am helping international companies to grow their business in the Korean market. 

Are you planning to grow your business in the Koran market? If so, it is good to know the following interesting facts:

According to World Bank, the internet penetration rate of South Korea is over 96%. And around 91% of the Korean population, in other words, 9 out of 10 Koreans use smartphones. That is why South Korea is considered one of the most digitally connected countries in the World.

South Korea is a unique market because of the strong market share of local digital platforms. For example, over 35 million active users, or in other words 70% of the Korean population use Naver and Kakao on a daily basis. Naver is the local search engine and portal and Kakao is the local messenger platform.

So, it is very important to build up your brand presence on the local digital platforms as well as global platforms in order to grow your business in the Korean market. 




Clients & Testimonials

Zohid served admirably in his tenure as digital performance marketing support. He successfully helped to establish the channels and set up and operate the campaigns to deliver desired results. His availability and quick responses helped to create a solid collaboration between us and respond to any situations. Great Job!

Cloud Kitchens

It was a great pleasure working with Zohid! The job was finished fast and with no problem at all! In fact, I myself caused a few problems with the material provided but even so his response was always "no worries, I'm on it". I am always happy to work with such freelancers. Thanks again!

OÜ collectttive

Zohid helped manage a Naver Campaign in South Korea, was prompt, patient, super diligent, and on time. I highly recommend working with him. 

Break Media PTE LTD

It was a great pleasure working with Zohid. Just in time communication, high responsibility, high professionalism makes him very valuable freelancer

Bee Venom Lab LLC

Tools & Platforms I Use

Naver Ads

Kakao Ads

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Naver Blog

Naver Cafe


Google Analytics



Content Marketing


Web Analytics



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